Are You Left Brained or Right Brained?

Tread Carefully Here…

I have to be careful when discussing this concept, as I’m married to a scientist, who also happens to be a very creative person. He was an actor when we first met, but has for a long time worked in a left-brained (academic) field: researching best-practice treatments for treating stuttering.

Left-brained people are said to utilise the parts of the brain related to logic, whereas  right-brained people choose the areas concerned with creativity.

Many who subscribe to this idea of left-brained versus right-brained, believe that we are born with a particular leaning towards one or the other hemisphere.  However, I see this distinction as partly metaphorical, rather than literal. That is, we are probably utilising both hemispheres of the brain all of the time, when working mentally, thinking and using language. But certain tracts or pathways might be forged differently, certainly over time, for the creative versus the logical thinker.

Are You a Creative or Logical Thinker?

Overall, I’m probably a creative, rather than a logical thinker. Yet I’ve excelled in academic pursuits at certain points in my life, when I’ve chosen to do so.  At this stage in life, I have chosen to follow my goal of mastering creative writing (fiction and memoir) now that I have retired from full-time work.  And recently, in every survey I’ve filled in relating to this topic, I’ve been shown to fall on the side of “right-brained” rather than “left-brained”.  But only just.  That is, I’m using all of my brain, all of the time, but I’m currently favouring creativity, over logical thinking.  And it shows!

Follow the Dancing Lady

When I follow the dancing lady figure with my eyes, which many might see as a puerile exercise—a trick?—something interesting happens. I only see her turning right. Does this clinch the deal? I’m a right-brained person!

Which side of the brain do you think you favour?

Brain scanning technology is quickly approachi...

Brain scanning technology is quickly approaching levels of detail that will have serious implications (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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5 thoughts on “Are You Left Brained or Right Brained?

  1. According to the dancer, who whirled clockwise, I am definitely a right-brain, (creative) person. Yet I think of myself as organised, logical & objective – very left -brain (but only because the circumstances of my life made it essential to be these things, for survival). Does this mean the test is flawed, or that everyone sees the dancer turning clockwise? Or, alternatively, it might mean that I really am right-brained. What do you think?


    • Hi Dina, it could mean that, at the moment, because of your writing, you are using the “right brain” more than the “left”. From my memory of when I first posted this, most people saw it turning anti-clockwise. There are other survey tests online that you can do to back up your finding. Congratulations: you are right-brained!


    • Hi, that is surprising. However, bp people are known to be above average in intelligence and highly creative. So, take your pick! All very creative people down through the ages have been “touched by fire”, as so aptly put by Kay Jamison in her book of that name. Perhaps you haven’t yet decided to go with your creative side.

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