Winter in Australia

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It’s the middle of winter here but that’s no problem for me as a writer! I like the feeling of being cosy inside when it’s raining and windy on the outside. I get more writing done in winter, because there’s not the pull of nature:  swimming, walks in the sun by the sea and all that. It’s always been a problem for me,  the pull of the outside versus the obsession to work on my writing.

Our local coffee shop/wine bar/restaurant at Coogee Pavilion, caters for just about all demographics: trendies (evenings), mothers and babies (mornings), couples, oldies and kids on weekends and during the holidays.

It’s the coldest it’s been this winter, with a low of about fourteen degrees in the daytime and the rain and wind factor making it feel worse.

Someone asked me what there is to do in Sydney in winter. See my post on this at”

Here’s a summary of the article:

Whale watching, Vivid Lights Festival, Ice Skating at Bondi Beach,  A Day Trip to the Blue Mountains,  the Royal National Park, Ocean Walks

Do you have a favourite coffee shop near you? I have several that I like to frequent with friends. This one is the closest to my place.  Tell me about your writing habits.

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2 thoughts on “Winter in Australia

  1. Thanks for the reminder of things to do in Sydney. I haven’t been back to Sydney for some years but have fond memories of the place as I was born and raised in Brighton-le-Sands. I left in early 1961 to go to college but had frequent and regular return visits until mum was forced to sell up in 1979 because of the sky-rocketing price of land rates. Your article raises many mental pictures for me so perhaps I might have to return for a look in the near future. The southern suburbs are particularly bright in recall but so is the CBD as I had a Saturday job there while in High School. Your mention of the Royal National Park is also great especially as I well remember the long and tiring bike ride to reach it and the long hard climb back up from the Audley causeway.

    Thanks heaps.

    Write on, write well, write often … right on!


    • Hello Ian
      I think I’ve finally mapped my two main domains. I’m still trying to upload stuff to “My Trending Stories”, a site based in New York who have asked me to join them. No pay as yet. They’re new, and their site is a bit wobbly as yet, but I like the openness of the website, inviting different socio/political/lifestyle perspectives. Have a look some time at Some of their stuff is good, even very good.
      thanks for the comments on the Sydney doings post. My daughter went to see the whales, and loved it. They even performed for them.
      Write on, you too!


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