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This morning, the postwoman brought my brother a first copy (from the printer in the UK) of They Sought the Last of land , which can be thought of as a companion volume to A Little Bit of Irish. He is more than satisfied with the results.  See his blog Antipodes at I would recommend anyone who is interested in researching their family history to look at these. The writer (author and publisher William Skyvington: Gamone Press) is meticulous about researching the past and getting things right. They are templates for excellence in genealogy. And I’m not biased.

 My brother writes, when speaking of Print-on-Demand Publishing and Printing:In a nutshell, I am both the author and the publisher of these books. As for the US-owned platform,IngramSparks,  in the UK, it houses above all an extraordinary robot that simply produces (prints out) exactly the book that I’ve requested. In other words, I do not communicate with any human beingsatIngramSpark”.

English: Postwoman in Great Britain, WWI. Espa...

English: Postwoman in Great Britain, WWI. Español: Cartera en Gran Bretaña durante la Primera Guerra Mundial. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Print On Demand

Print On Demand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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