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Initial "I" - from a 16th century ma...

Initial “I” – from a 16th century manuscript (Photo credit: e-codices)

I’m back to writing about writing and getting published once again, after a little detour into art and the past. I’ve been inspired by a talk from a marketing person from Momentum Books, which is an offshoot of Pan Macmillan Australia.  She spoke briefly about the three routes of publishing today: the traditional major publishing firm route, which normally demands that writers have an agent (Here in Australia, all the publishing companies are amalgamating); the non-traditional route of self-publishing, which is largely linked to Amazon; and the “legacy” publishers, who take unsolicited manuscripts.

Momentum belongs to the latter category. It’s a relatively new and radical concept, which affords writers a twenty-four hour period for sending in unsolicited manuscripts. In the case of this group, they have a “Momentum Monday”: a period from twelve o’clock midnight on Sunday to twelve o’clock Monday night, during which you are able to send in your stuff. I’d recommend anyone interested to look at the website and especially the guidelines for submitting manuscripts. It’s universal and provides all the help that large traditional firms offer writers. And it’s free. They recoup their money with royalties, but they’re quite low compared to the average and decrease over time.. The advantage is that they do all the hard work to do with getting discovered and distributed. She also talked at length about building an author platform using social media. Retailer promotion is via Apple bookstores, Google Play and Kobo.

The other option of self-publishing is also largely free and the royalties are bigger. But it requires you to market yourself even more intensively if you wish to be discovered by potential buyers and book dealers. Some are good at doing this, others not so good. My next entry will be about self-publishing.

Monday, Monday...

Monday, Monday… (Photo credit: practicalowl)

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