Publishing an Anthology

After much research of possible publishers for our Writers Group Anthology, we settled on an Australian digital publisher.

Self publishing was the obvious way to go, since traditional publishers are rarely interested in short story collections, unless they are linked to well-known and established authors.

Why did we want to have this anthology published in book form, since it was already published online, and had already received favourable reviews? So that members of our Writers’ Group could add this to their publishing credentials and because, like many, we still love the look and feel of a book, despite the move towards e-technology.

The reason we chose Publicious was because they offered a concise package within our price range of $1,000, and this included colour photos, an additional aesthetic aspect of the collection. They had also had experience publishing material from other writers’ groups.

My attendance at the seminar “Publish-On-Demand” led to my finding the link to this Australian digital publisher. Most of the publishers listed on the handouts from this conference were American, however one Australian publisher was mentioned, which seemed to be the obvious pathway to go. I am grateful to the organisers of this seminar for leading me to this outcome. We should have our 50 copies of our book before Christmas. What a fantastic end-of-the-year reward!

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