Publish on Demand

In 2012,  I attended a seminar called “Print On Demand; Publish on Demand”about how anyone can become a publisher.  And so I trotted off to the hotel in the city and spent the whole day there with like-minded people: editors, writers, and marketing people trying to get their heads around the latest trends in the publishing field.  At first I thought it sounded like the same old ‘you pay us and we’ll publish your book’ self-publishing marketing stuff that’s been around for years.  Or that it referred uniquely to eBooks. But no, this was different, hard to get my head around at first, but finally inspiring.

Ingram is the umbrella company, and Lightning Source Australia POD is their Melbourne based facility.  Nerida Fearnley, the Senior Content Acquisition Account Executive opened the seminar. Lightning Source are distributors, and their goal is to “help content reach its destination,” and they “offer a one-stop-shop solution to all publishers in terms of their printing and distribution needs.”

The American head of one of the publishing companies  “put the material on the train tracks”. He was CEO of the publishing firm Strategic Book Publishing, which is a division of Publish on Demand Global. In his own words: “We’re publishers; we route into Ingram.” They are sourcing books into India and China. He presented the second half of the seminar and fielded questions from participants.

The main value of this seminar for me was that it showed me a pathway towards publication, without the need for an agent or a traditional publisher. It gave me impetus to get back to the task of writing those novels and to finish them. It also provided me with a networking group for exchange of cards. And put me on the right track towards the next step in the process.




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