How to Find a Publisher

Allen & Unwin

Allen & Unwin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



1st edition (publ. Allen & Unwin)

1st edition (publ. Allen & Unwin) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve now gleaned more information about the move towards the speedy “Publish on Demand” trend. Global is only one of hundreds offering this form of publishing now, that is agreeing to print one book (or a few copies) for a substantial fee. The up-to-date printing machines for doing this cost a lot, about $50,000, which is why the publisher charges such a high price –$700-$900 for one book; then for any extra copies it’s $5-$7 a book. Some deal mainly in non-fiction, others in fiction or in all genres.


People can get confused about the new trend towards self publishing and self promoting. That is, these publishers are no longer like the traditional ones who supported the writer throughout the whole process. According to one friend from the Seminar I attended, PODG publishers are in the middle between vanity publishers and traditional ones. It’s up to the writer to market and promote the book, and the publisher charges to bring the book to international book fairs in order to promote it. Otherwise, you can pay a publicist to promote your book.


Other such publishers, most of them in the United States, are: Author Solutions, Dog Ear Publishing, Lightning Source, Llumina Press, Lulu,, Xlibris, Xulon Press, Authors Online Ltd, Matador, and Publicious in Australia.


Of course, if you write in a literary style, it might still be best to be published by a well-known traditional publisher and to employ a literary agent to assist you in your journey. Discoverability can take many paths, one of which is the book launch followed by interviews and book fairs. In Australia, some of the well-known literary publishers, apart from the big ones, like Allen and Unwin and Random Press, are Ebury, New Holland, Sleepers, Scribe, Ilura, Exile and Text.


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