In A Good Space

I haven’t written in this blog for a long time, partly because I started a new WordPress (more focused) blog (Writing), which I’ve neglected of late; I’ve also started a website, still under construction; and I’ve had (volunteer) work pressures, as well as that from continuing self development: once started, you can’t go back from this! The photo is of me doing my meditation yoga that keeps me on a positive trajectory.

Good things that have happened in my life recently are: I’ve retired from the Presidency role of the Bondi Writers Group, but not from the group itself, and I will continue developing the newsletter blog. which has been nominated for most fascinating Fiction blog of 2012.  And one of my short stories The River Clown, was shortlisted for a prize in the Eastwood/Hills FAW Literary competition.

On a personal level, my husband’s ankle, after his serious operation ten months ago seems to be getting better slowly.  We even had an overseas trip to Rome, Paris and Kassell in Germany two months ago and caught up with Mark’s colleagues (Rome and Kassell) and my niece (Paris).

And our daughter, Kate’s physical and emotional health have also shown a steady progress–with a couple of bumpy bits due to the stress of a new baby and lack of sleep–since the birth of her second baby eleven months ago. She’s getting better and better, now that she is accepting help from many quarters (I’m not talking about financial help here) and once she stops smoking, which she’s determined to do, she will be even two difficult pregnancies partly due to poor lifestyle choices.

The other good “things”, of course, are the two boys. They are amazing little souls!  So well balanced and well nurtured. I am so proud of the way Kate has been able to do this, assisted of course by Andrei. Good DNA helped too!

Lee 3 and 3/4
Me with Baby Mark
Grandad with boys

These boys have brought such joy into our lives!

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