The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

My new-found American friend, Terri, from Seattle, took me to the Ashmolean Museum. We had a great time browsing around the streets, bookshops and monuments of Oxford during two or three days while our partners were busy at the Oxford Dysfluency Conference.

Terri was especially interested in ancient jewellery on display there.

Afterwards, we looked in art and book shops, and had lunch and a pint of beer in the quaint bar near the Bridge of Sighs to finish off a great day.

The Ashmolean Museum was Britain’s first museum, established in Lambeth, London by John Tradescant in 1638. It was later inherited by Elias Ashmole, who bequeathed it to the University of Oxford, which led to the foundation of the Ashmolean Museum in 1683.

I was particularly interested in the ancient artefacts connected to the history and development of writing.

Old Babylonian letter, envelope & stylus, in
clay & bone, from 2nd millenium BC , Kish,
Central Iraq. Akkadian, written in cuneiform script

King List Prism: Sumerian circa 1800 BC,
from Larsa, Southern Irtaq, written in cuneifrom
script and conserved in baked clay

Milking Seal: Mesopotamia, the Uruk period.
circa 3500B C in magnesite & gilded silver

Humped-backed bull from early iron age
1350-1000. BC Fired clay. From Gilan
North-western Iran

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