A Very Special Cat

Jackie Chan was not remarkable in terms of his looks, although he was fine for a tabby with a pure white breast and two white hind legs, and dark tiger stripes on a brown-and-grey background. What was unusual about him, was the fact that he chose to move into a house with two boisterous cattle dog pups already ensconced there.

Andrei and Kate heard him crying outside one night and gave him sustenance, thinking that he would then move on. Instead, he decided he was part of the young newly established family of four. Not only that, but he quickly started to join in the rough and tumble games of the two puppies and proved himself well able to match them in their antics. He did kung-fu moves and quickly established his notoriety as a brave fighter, fleet of foot and capable of great courage. When he wasn’t eating chicken cooked especially for him by the master of the house, or playing with the two dogs, he sat on a table or chair on the verandah which was where the dogs lived most of the day.

In the evenings when the two pups were allowed outside in the park for a run, he got up and joined in, racing after them hell-for-leather around the outskirts of the square. Lee, who has a gift for imaginative names, having called her son after a character in War and Peace, took one look at the cat, and from then on he was known as “Jackie Chan.”

Jackie Chan lived happily there for five months with the growing family (Kate was by now pregnant). When they decided to move back to Sydney and await the birth of their child, they were worried about uprooting Jackie Chan from his environment and decided to have him checked for a micro-tag. Surprisingly, they were able to contact his original owners who had lost him two years ago!

There was much weeping of joy and of sadness, hugging of humans and of feline, as owners and cat were reunited and torn apart respectively. His owners, who were not unlike Kate and Andrei, informed them that he had lived with a dog before and that his real name was “Stewart”.

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