Happy Together

Ultrasound has come a long way since I had my children during the eighties, and even since my son had his daughter in 2005. I recently attended an ultrasound session with my daughter and her partner for the 13 week pregnancy check-up and the results were ‘gobsmacking’ to borrow the expression used by several relatives here and overseas who watched the video. As well as multiple 3D photographs from the session, they were also given a free video, which contained a small 4D segment usually only used at a later date in the pregnancy. It is a strange experience to see your future little grandchild in such detail, even at the age of minus six months!

So what, if young couples today often do it all back the front to when we were young! (Engagement–> move in together–> find pet dogs–> get pregnant (not planned!)–> move back home–> have baby –> wedding– > find a house!) The main thing is that they are happy together!

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