The Dog Pools

Our dog has no concept of recreational swimming, but he suffers from a severe strain of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) when it comes to finding balls under rocks and retrieving them in the water

Having a dog to walk and take to the Dog Pools, is a great way of meeting people from different walks of life. The demographics of the Dog Pools is as varied as the mixed breeds and characteristics of the dogs that frequent the area. Owners also travel from other suburbs to let their dogs take the waters there.

At the Dog Pools you can see big and little dogs, and big and little humans. At the risk of stereotyping, men often like big or ‘butch’ types of dogs, such as alsatians and staffordshire bull terriers, while women tend towards smaller ‘cutie-pie’ dogs, maltese terriers and King Charles spaniels. The other day I met a young woman with a tiny fox-terrier cross and a large ‘blokey’ sort of dog as well in tow. In the course of our conversation, she said that the latter belonged to her boyfriend, and that they had moved in together several years ago. Because our dog chose us, this theory does not hold up in our case. Luckily he’s very cute.

When thinking about the attraction between dogs and humans, I often remember the quote by a noteworthy personnage of the past whose name completely escapes me, that goes something like this: “People who like dogs and children can’t be all that bad!”

As far as children’s tastes in dogs, they seem to go for the hybrid types that are very popular these days: ‘labradoodles’, ‘maltipoos’ and ‘schnoodles’, just to name a few.

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